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Grow Apprenticeship California Funding Matrix


The Grow Apprenticeship California Team at the Foundation for California Community Colleges — Joshua Modlin, Michelle Vaughn-Lopez, and Nicole Misley — drafted this financial learning resource with the support of The James Irvine Foundation. Through our work with the Grow Apprenticeship California initiative, we have worked closely with content experts such as the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Program Development Department at the Foundation for California Community Colleges to review recent updates to state and federal funding.

We want  to thank the following partners for sharing insights and learnings from their work in the policy, legislative, and apprenticeship space: 

  • Adele Burnes, Division of Apprenticeship Standards 
  • Kelley Mackey, Division of Apprenticeship Standards
  • Linda Mount, Division of Apprenticeship Standards
  • Sheila Zuvich, Division of Apprenticeship Standards
  • Valerie Johnson, Foundation for California Community Colleges 
  • Kevin Wutke, Foundation for California Community Colleges

About the Funding Matrix 

The United States federal government and the state of California have committed to expanding apprenticeship as a strategy for cultivating the advancement of workers to jobs that consist of higher wages, career mobility, and meeting the workforce demands of the 21st century. They have also coupled that commitment with significant state and federal financial investments. Funding, such as the Apprenticeship Innovation Fund, Apprenticeship Building America, Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations, and California Apprenticeship Initiative, amongst many others, will serve to truly propel this work forward. 

As apprenticeship continues to be the leading earn-and-learn strategy for connecting learners and workers to liveable and sustainable wages and successful career pathways, it requires investment in time and resources to ensure its success. The Apprenticeship Funding Matrix was created to help education and workforce practitioners better understand the workforce funding landscape and funds available to support program and apprentice needs. The Apprenticeship Funding Matrix can also accompany the Toward Sustainability and Scale: A Playbook for California Apprenticeship Stakeholders and Champions (see PLAY 2: Build Co-Funded Program Models). 

Each funding opportunity identifies the administrating agency, purpose, funding amount, eligible applicants, application requirements, and where to find more information. The information contained within this resource only provides summary information. We encourage readers to conduct further research to ensure eligibility, understand the application process, and required deliverables. Additionally, as this information has continued to evolve over the development phase, certain funding opportunities may not have all of the details set during this time. This resource also does not account for philanthropic funding opportunities, which have been instrumental in providing funding for the expansion of apprenticeship programs.

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