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Webinar: Silos to Systems: From the Future of Apprenticeship to the Future of Work

October 19, 2021

The Apprenticeship Support Network team invites you to join our upcoming October webinar, Silos to Systems: From the Future of Apprenticeship to the Future of Work, on October 19. California is investing in apprenticeships. Governor Newsom has committed to 500K apprentices by 2029. The Governor’s signed 2021/22 California budget appropriated $30M for the California Apprenticeship Initiative, doubling from the previous year. The federal government has also committed to growing and scaling apprenticeship across three administrations — the Biden Administration’s Jobs Plan calls for a $10B investment over a decade. As a result, California, already home to one in three apprentices in the nation, increased participation by 50% in the past five years in California. The time has come to shift from growing programs to scaling systems. The James Irvine Foundation and the Foundation for California Colleges’ Grow Apprenticeship California program, together with agency partners and Social Policy Research Associates, are collaborating to make this happen — and are looking for partners! Come find out how you can ensure equity in COVID recovery and change the future for the next generation of California talent. We’ll cover:

  • Identifying the right opportunities
  • Investing in the proper infrastructure
  • Creating a community of champions … and more.


We are aspirational, practical, and fun.

We’ve even got a playbook.

  • Chris Cagle

    Regional Affairs Manager,

    South Bay Workforce Investment Board

  • Marisa Alcorta

    Apprenticeship Program Manager,

    Center for Land-Based Learning

  • Pam Knapp, Director II

    College and Career Readiness,

    San Joaquin County Office of Education

  • Foundation for California Community Colleges Social Policy Research Associates

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